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Jordan Free Zones Investors Commission

Jordan Free Zones Investors Commission has played a significant role in establishing the Arab Union of Free Zones, which the Commission has joined after it had been approved and ratified by the Council of Arab Economic Unity affiliated to the Arab League. And ever since the Commission is a member of the Union.

Commission's Purposes

Arab and international bodies

Communication, participation and sending representatives to Arab and international bodies, institutions and quality associations specialized in the same field.

Conferences and Exhibitions

 To hold conferences, meetings and exhibitions in Jordan and abroad, in which investors from the industrial, trade and services sectors may participate.

Notice and inform members

To delegate members of the Commission to attend meetings and conferences held in Jordan and abroad in order to discuss the affairs of businessmen and free zones.


 To co-operate with the competent bodies as regards the. free zones by taking decisions and recommendations related to investment in the free zones.


 The Authority acts as a channel of communication between the Free Zones Corporation and investors inside and outside the Kingdom.

Encourage Investors

To encourage foreign investors to invest in the Jordanian public and private free zones.

Last News

Clearance statistics on vehicles from the Al Zarqa free zone/ِEnd MAR 2024

Diesel Vehicles
Gasoline Vehicles
Hybrid Vehicles
Electric Vehicles

Encouraging Opportunities and Statistics

1. Strong Economic Growth: The Jordanian economy has experienced sustained growth in recent years, with a GDP growth rate of around 2.8% in 2022, and it is expected to further improve in the coming years.
2. Political and Legal Stability: Jordan enjoys high political and security stability and operates under a democratic system that respects individual property rights. The Jordanian government has implemented a package of economic reforms to improve the business climate and facilitate investments.
3. Advanced Trade Network: Jordan is renowned for its strategic geographical location, serving as a major trade corridor between the East and West of the Arab world. It has a sophisticated transportation network that includes seaports, international airports, and well-developed road infrastructure, facilitating import and export operations.
4. Free Trade Agreements: Jordan has an extensive network of free trade agreements, providing access to wide markets around the world. Jordan has a privileged position for exporting to the Middle East, North Africa, and Europe.
5. Skilled Workforce: Jordan has a skilled and educated workforce, with numerous universities and educational institutes that focus on developing technical and professional skills.
6. Incentives and Tax Exemptions: The Jordanian government offers a wide range of incentives and tax exemptions for both national and foreign companies, enhancing the attractiveness of investing in the country.


● A distinguished, strategic location at the heart of the Middle East and at the intersection of three continents: Asia, Europe and Africa.
● Stable political and economic environment under democratically elected government and parliament.
● Free-market-oriented economy and ...

● Developed legislations that take into account latest local and international economic developments <br>
● Multiple and various incentives and exemptions that meet the investors' ambitions. <br>
● Public and private free zones spread all ....

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