About Us

Jordan Free Zones Investors Commission Member of the Arab Union of Free Zones.

Jordan Free Zones Investors Commission has played a significant role in establishing the Arab Union of Free Zones, which the Commission has joined after it had been approved and ratified by the Council of Arab Economic Unity affiliated to the Arab League. And ever since the Commission is a member of the Union.

The Union aims at developing, promoting and coordinating spheres of activity between its members, as well as at consolidating ties between them and accomplishing economic integration between Arab countries by exercising its duties, jurisdiction and expertise. Moreover, the Commission plays a significant role in activating the role of the free zones by building bridges of communication, promoting the spirit of cooperation, strengthening ties, maximizing the benefits of such zones, and exchanging expertise.



To be on top of the civil society institutions that contribute in promoting and supporting the national economy, and to be a pioneer in protecting and taking care of investors in the Jordanian free zones.


To activate a real partnership between the public and private sectors in order to contribute in developing and promoting the investment environment and provide a suitable climate to attract more investments.

We work to accomplish the following national goals

To attract local and foreign capitals as investments in various economic activities.
To provide work opportunities for the Jordanian workforce and to introduce advanced Technology to the Kingdom.
To encourage establishing exporting industries and promote the transit movement, transportation sector, and other services.
To activate the partnership between the various sectors in Jordan in order to participate in developing the investment climate and improve the economic performance.
To promote and activate the leading role of the private sector by establishing private and common free zones that use the local raw materials in the production inputs.
To provide the national economy with hard currencies and support the balance of payments.

A Supporting Services the Commission Provides to Investors

● Issuance of the investor ID, which helps to obtain visas and facilitates the travel and movement of investors and their employees.
● Issuance of the investor's journal, which highlights the Commission's economic issues that concern investors.
● Certification of investors' contracts, invoices and documents to be accredited by the governmental institutions and competent embassies.
● Arbitration council to solve trade disagreements and conflicts.
● Vehicles and machinery maintenance service.
●Health insurance services for investors.
● Issuance of membership certificates for investors.

Membership Certificate