Why Jordan?

Why Jordan ?

The best environment for investment

Investment Volume in Hordan

1,569,373,364 $

In its statement, the ministry stated that the volume of domestic and foreign investments benefiting from the investment law witnessed a significant increase during the year 2022, as domestic investment increased by 76.9% to reach 976.3 million dinars, while foreign investment increased by 98.3% to reach 137 million Jordanian dinars.

Why Jordan?

● A distinguished, strategic location at the heart of the Middle East and at the intersection of three continents: Asia, Europe and Africa.
● Stable political and economic environment under democratically elected government and parliament.
● Free-market-oriented economy and private sector-driven economic policies.
● Liberated trade and integration in the world economy.
●A bundle of incentives and exemptions that aim to encourage investment. 
●Competitive human resources and highly trained and qualified workforce. 
●High-level infrastructure and communication network.
● Low operating costs and a developed, safe investment environment.