The General Commission for Investors in the Jordanian Free Zones Approves the Amended Regulations for 2023

In a significant step towards empowering the investment environment in free zones, the General Commission for Investors in the Jordanian Free Zones approved the amended regulations for 2023 in a meeting held on Tuesday with the presence of a representative from the Ministry of Interior. This action especially confirms the Commission's commitment to keeping pace with the rapid developments and continuous changes in the investment structure in the Kingdom.

The Chairman of the Commission, Mohammad Al-Bastanji, stated in his remarks that the new amendments did not come out of nowhere but were a considered response to the urgent need for updating the system, the last of which was in 1994. He noted that the previous system, despite its efficiency when approved, now requires an update to align with global and local investment trends.

Al-Bastanji added that the new amendments took into account the preservation of the fundamental regulatory articles governing the Commission's operations and the mechanism of dealing with investors in the free zones, pointing out that the primary goal is to enhance transparency, efficiency, and facilitate procedures for investors. He also emphasized the general importance of this amendment, explaining that it not only relates to improving the Commission's internal system but also extends its impact to enhancing the entire investment environment in the Kingdom, contributing to attracting more investments and stimulating economic growth.

In conclusion, Al-Bastanji stressed the Commission's commitment to continue working and collaborating with all partners to achieve the Kingdom's ambitious vision towards a sophisticated and sustainable investment environment.